Friday, August 20, 2010

Free to Be You and Me

I'm sure you've all seen Target's back-to-school 2010 commercial using the music from "Free to Be You and Me" and I just have to say how much I love the story that it tells. If you haven't seen it, it involves 3 triplets who are heading to school in their matching uniforms. 
Slowly but surely, bits of their three individual colors; blue, yellow and pink appear.
It starts out in the form or hair accessories and t-shirts, but moves on to their shoes.
Finally, they each grab a ruler in their corresponding color...
And suddenly, everything is in color!
{Images pulled from here}


  1. Not only different colors, but different styles too! Love it :)

  2. Yes! Exactly. The Blue girl is kind of preppy, fact, she dresses kind of like me! And the Yellow girl is a sporty, jocky type. And the Pink girl, she is my favorite because she is this fairy-princess/rockstar.

    I am in love with this commercial.

  3. the commercial is cute, too bad they help back inequality and homophobia.

  4. I did hear about that. The majority of the internet is actually commenting on the irony of using "Free to Be You and Me" in a commercial when that is the case...

    But yes, the commercial itself is like something right out of my color loving daydreams.