Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Follow Me Moon

Why it's amazing to have a stylish co-worker with a fabulous Etsy shop

#1: She's inspiring. 
i.e. Stylish people rub off on the rest of us...

#2: She makes me realize vintage shopping isn't always as fruitless as it feels sometimes.
i.e. If she found these gems, I realize I am just not thrifting hard enough.

#3: She has a discerning eye for hidden potential.
i.e. If she bought it or is selling it, I can guarantee it's going to be beautiful on some lucky shopper.

#4: When I love pieces from her shop, she brings them in for me to try on! Yes, sometimes this is the greatest perk of all. 
i.e. how I ended up with my fave vintage purse, sunglasses, and now these delightful loafers!! Lurve.