Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ginger Snaps

My natural hair color is auburn. (Well, currently, it's a science experiment gone awry...) I've made an appointment at Phia with a stylist recommended to me by my bestie, and I am hoping that she will finally be able to help me fully transition into the ginger I always wish I was. I have seriously tried every year since I was about 15 to find someone that could turn me in to a natural-looking redhead! Not that weird purple-red or the full-on Hayley Williams (eep...) but a nice, warm organic looking red. I think Megan just may be the person for the job, or at least I have very high hopes. Below you'll find a chart I've put together, composed of a multitude of shades I'd be more than happy with. But underneath that (le sigh) is my dream hair... What do you think?

Photo via Pinterest


  1. I feel like your dream hair has a lighter base than your hair. Like the person in the photo appears to have a shade on your first row of acceptable shades but it seems like it has been washed a number of times and become what it is in the lower photograph. You should shoot for a strawberry blonde because there will be a chemical that will bleach your base hair a few shades lighter. I feel like the colors you have above the photo are all a bit too red. Again, just my point of view.

  2. That is some pretty, prety hair. Both my husband and I have red heads in our family, and he has perfect single strands of the color all through his dark blonde.