Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broadway Baby

I am headed to New York City this weekend, and if I had my way, I'd spend the entire day catching up on my Broadway musicals! I have loved them since I was a little kid and my parents would play cast recordings on long car trips. We knew all the words to Cats and The Phantom of the Opera back then... I wish I could see everything, but I don't exactly have that much disposable income so each of the girls going on the trip had to submit their top 5 choices, and then we narrowed it down to one (well, two...more on that later) winner! Here were my top picks:

The Book of Mormon
Written by the minds behind South Park, I've heard this musical is pretty controversial, mostly for the use of bad language. But I've listened to the music, and it seems sweetly heartfelt and surprisingly uplifting. And sold out until forever...

Anything Goes
I am a fan of Sutton Foster (we caught her understudy 2 years ago in this so I still haven't seen her in a show!), and we were all in this musical in high school, so naturally it was on the consideration list!

Catch Me If You Can
I am a huge fan of the movie, and of this era in general...this was the top of my original list, but I don't think the other girls on the trip have seen the movie, or are as obsessed with the 1960s as I am...

The Addams Family
Yes, I realized I skipped Number 4, but only because that was officially declared the winning show (all three of us had put it on our lists!) Anyway, this just seemed like a fun, kooky show that I could just lose myself in for 2 hours.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
This was declared the unanimous vote, and I am excited about it. I've never seen the show or heard the music, but it seems like a quintessentially "Broadway" show, and that is definitely a good pick if you can only see one show while you're on the Great White Way for a day! Plus, the guy on the right is Daniel Radcliffe...and Anderson Cooper is also in the show, so it has a celeb draw.

And Finally....the second show we're seeing in New York City...

One of my dearest friends growing up (practically since birth) is living in New York and working as an actor in an off-broadway play. He will probably kill me for posting this, but I am so proud of him...so proud that I've drawn a circle around his cute little mug. Mr. Albers, I know you're reading this...I can't wait to see you light up the stage on Sunday!! Love you!

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