Friday, May 20, 2011

JSQ Lookbook: Au Naturale

Today's Lookbook post was inspired by these amazing Anthropologie sandals. They seriously had me at "hello" and I wanted to base a look around them using naturals, tans, straw, and other summery elements. Also, I am going to be blogging up a storm today to make up for my shoddy posting record this week! I have been super busy working on the summer edition of Edible Columbus magazine, which will be going to print next week. Anyway, enjoy this look and I will have a fabulous Gift Guide post from Eva coming in a few!

1  Clipper Stripe Dress from Madewell
2  Park Bench Fedora from Madewell
3  Parkos woven bangles from Aldo
4  Jessica bag in "Natural" from Straw Studios
5  Texture Bowtie Sandals from Anthropologie

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