Friday, August 26, 2011

Stay Gold

I may be too busy to blog, too busy to hang out with friends, and too busy to function on a basic human level...Seriously, I have not even had time to put on makeup or actually do my hair in a non-ponytail in two weeks. I am dropping the Sais Quois from this blog title until I can get it together! I am plain-old, slightly-frazzled, and very-much-in-need-of-a-weekend Jenna. BUT, there's one thing that is making me feel better. And it's the fact that I own, and am currently wearing these shoes.

Shoes: Steve Madden Gold Judde Loafer.

Photos by Cameron Winchester


  1. I bet you ROCK those shoes! Glad you've found yourself a small consolation prize :).

  2. Those are AWESOME shoes! You must feel a boost every time you look down. :)