Friday, October 21, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Xanté Hot Apple

Back by popular demand, I am very pleased to announce that I'm bringing back Cocktail Hour here at Jenna Sais Quois! I took the summer off, and had a little self-imposed "blog-rehab," setting the boozy recipes aside. But now that we're deep in the midst of fall...we could all use a cocktail on our friday night! And this one, featuring Xante, the all-natural pear penetrated congnac (that is somehow only 35 calories per serving!?) is amaaaazing. The pear flavoring in Xante goes beautifully with freshly pressed apple juice and when heated up with a cinnamon stick, this drink is sure to make your chilly heart sing with autumnal goodness. Enjoy your weekends, and as always, drink responsibly! Cheers!

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