Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inside the JSQ Makeup Bag

I am definitely a girly girl when I have time to be. I love makeup and products and I especially love the design and the packaging! However, my hang-up is that I am busy. Like busy, busy busy. But I still like to look and feel great, even if it means I'm putting on mascara in my car, or brushing on foundation at my desk using Photo Booth as my mirror. That's why I've assembled a compilation of all of my must-have products that I keep in my purse at all times. You don't need a million tubes, brushes and bottles to feel fresh and pretty. So I've managed to pare my makeup must-haves into 12 essential products Inside the JSQ Makeup Bag. Do any of you have essential products you can't live without?? I'm always looking to branch out (you'll notice I'm kind of a Clinique girl for the most part...)

1  A Pretty Makeup Bag like this one by Kate Spade. You have to keep everything organized, and not just flying around your purse! Plus, organization is a huge time-saver.

2  Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector works miracles. I, like a lot of people, have visible pores on my cheeks and nose and this smooths out every imperfection! It's kind of like Drywall Spackling for your face. It fills in pores, without leaving them feeling clogged and oily, and leaves your skin soft and pretty.

3  Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is a new addition to my bag. You just spritz it on your face, either over or under makeup, and it's an instant moisturizer that feels like a 5-second trip to the spa. I use it if my skin feels dry, or just if I need to de-stress.

4  Roll-On Fragrance is a must for your bag. Perfume barely lasts until lunch on my skin, but I love smelling pretty. I keep this in my bag to freshen up my perfume here and there, or to quickly apply fragrance in between the office and a night out.

5  Aveda Control Paste is amazing for taming fly-aways, and perfect for styling bangs. You only need the tiniest bit of product on your fingertips, and then if you pull it into the ends of your hair, you will be frizz free!

6  Too Faced Shadow Insurance is an eyelid primer that seriously changed my life. With this under your eyeshadow, it is guaranteed to not crease, smudge, or fade all day long. If you're going from day to night in a hurry, just add some smoky shadow and freshen up your liner, and you can be ready in 3 minutes!

7  BeneFit Eye Bright is a miracle. If you have redness around your eyes after those late nights at work,  dab it in the inner and outer corners of your eyes, or around the rim on those red spots And poof! You look like you got at least 8 hours in.

8  NARS Duo Eyeshadow in "Silk Road" is really the only daytime eyeshadow you need. I love changing it up for different outfits or from evening looks, but when I'm in a hurry, I want a quick neutral palette that goes on like butter and lasts all day long. NARS can be pricy, but it's great quality, and if it's your go-to color, it's worth spending a little extra cash.

9  Rene Futerer Naturia is the absolute best dry shampoo money can buy. If you color your hair, especially red hair, you know it fades quickly, and several hot showers a week do not help! Use this for that one extra day between washes, and it works miracles. Plus you're saving your color!

10  BeneFit Bad Gal Lash is a perfect on-the-go mascara. It's thick, full brush coats your lashes perfectly for maximum thickness and lengthening all in one. Not only does it give you long, thick, sexy lashes, but the brush's thickness makes it easy to apply even in a moving vehicle (as long as you aren't the driver...)

11  Clinique Even Better foundation is a recent switch for me. I used to use Superbalanced Makeup by the same brand, but I have freckles galore, and in the fall and winter I prefer a base makeup with just a bit more coverage. This is smooth, oil-free and with an SPF 15, which I think is crucial! These reasons and many more are why I made the switch to Even Better.

12  Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows is last but certainly not least. In fact, if I could only leave my house with 1 type of makeup, it would be this. My 2-minute makeup routine involves this liner for my brows, and then I just dab on a little mascara and some chapstick and I'm out the door. This tiny little pencil gives you the ability to fill in your brows with thin, natural looking strokes. And the best part for me is that there is no sharpener needed in my entire makeup bag!

So there you have it, ladies. A peek inside my makeup bag for my 12 absolute Must-Have Items. Am I missing anything? Do you have a product you can't live without? Leave a comment below, because I'd love to hear your Must-Haves too!


  1. Roll on fragrance= so smart! Perfume doesn't stick to me either.

  2. Hey Leslie! I know, roll-on fragrance is a must for people like us! And it's usually available around the Holiday season because they make great stocking stuffers...so I like to stock up my supply then (AND maybe even buy a few to give as gifts!)