Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Heeyyyy...

New haircut/color...Self-indulgent, I know.  But I just had to post it, because I'm kinda loving it! I love that I finally met a stylist who could make all my ginger-haired dreams come true. And I know my mom and bestie hate bangs on me, but I really, really love 'em!

While I let them grow out this summer (because who wants hair touching their face when it's 100 degrees outside?) I feel like I am BACK for fall. I'm just renewing myself guys....

Sweater: Madewell Fall 2010


  1. You look great and that color is gorgeous! Plus the fun thing about bangs in that you could pin them back for a completely different look. OR you could tease and hairspray the heck out of them. Single handedly bring back the 80's... ;)

  2. Aww, thanks Leslie! You are sweet. And I totally agree, bangs are pretty versatile these they make you look like you did your hair, even when it's back in a ponytail. So anything that ultimately minimizes my morning get-ready ritual is just fine with me!