Tuesday, January 10, 2012

big apple envy

Chrissy from Harve & Polly here again - for my tuesday guest post!

Jenna has been in NYC over a week - and as much as i love living in bean town, I have to admit a bit of jealousy... ok a LOT of jealousy that she gets to spend her days and nights in the big apple!

01/ vintage empire state building guide $16.50  //  02/ skyline pillow cases $34.00  //  03/ Tim Jarosz city scene $17.68  //  04/ empire photo $20.00  //  05/ taxi mittens $39.00  //  06/ NYC Sewer Decal $50  //  07/ kate spade new york lights purse $105.00  //  08/ NYC subway token cufflinks $27.99  //  09/ SOHO sightseeing iphone case $32.55  //  10/ empire state building pillow $35.00  //  11/ nyc magnets $5.95

I am already counting down those New York minutes til I can go visit her! to keep myself sane until then, i just might have to take a few naps on those new york skyline pillows, wave down a cab in some taxi mittens, or decorate my apartment empire state style!


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