Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYC: Here and There

Hello, friends! I am alive! I've officially been in NYC for a week, and boy is it a whirlwind... There are so many new things to get adjusted to, new people to meet, new experiences to have, and my love affair with this city is only growing every day that I'm here. I know I look like a total tourist pulling out the cellphone camera around every corner, but since I can't just close my eyes and save everything I'm seeing as a .png on my desktop, I'll just have to look like a nerd for now! So without further ado, a few sights I've been seeing in my first week in New York.

Pass through Times Square: Always an adventure
Empire State Building on my walk to work
My journey to the subway under Rockefeller Plaza
I walk past this underground entrance twice a day

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you are doing great...The city of Columbus is not the same w/out you! But carry on.....

    Ms. Annie Oakely