Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{APP}ly Yourself

It's Chrissy again - guest posting from Harve & Polly (and so excited that Jenna has landed in NYC!)

So, did you survive you New Years Eve? of course you did. Now that the party is over - it's time to get those resolutions rolling! I know its hard, but take that motivation, and these apps, and get cracking!

Below are 5 resolutions, and 5 corresponding apps that will help you make them reality!

1) Diet Diet Diet
Here we go - you say it every year! After all those delicious Holiday meals it's time to cut back on those sweets and eat your veggies! Dont get too crazy about what's good for you and what's not - there's an App for that! Try the Nutrition Menu App for $0.99

This App lets you: 
- look up nutrition information for restaurants
- graph your weightloss over time
- adds up your daily calories
- lets you track exercise
- even works with your weight watchers points!

2) Work Out
calories aren't just burnt at the gym - walking, jogging and running are all good ways to get in shape. The easiest way to keep track of them is with the Pedometer App for $0.99

This App lets you:
- accurately calculate the length of your step by using your height and weight
- keep monitoring your steps without draining your battery life
- calorie calculator tells you how many calories you burn daily
- store your walking history to track your progress
- speed settings even let you tell the app how fast you want to go

3) Get Organized
If you dont use "Teux Deux" yet - you should - and then you need to download the corresponding App for free!

This App lets you:
- access your to do list just like TeusDeux.com
- easily view multiple lists from your phone
- add and cross off items from anywhere
- drag and drop items from day to day

4) Save Money
There's nothing worse than overspending - see exactly how much you are spending on what with the Spend Budgeting App for $0.99

This App lets you: 
- view spending history
- see how much money you have left for specific budget items
- add in reoccurring expenses so you never forget about that pesky prescription or gym membership
- transfer funds between budgets (sorry dress fund - that winter gas bill was higher than I expected!)

5) Learn Something New
No new year is complete without learning a new skill, how about a foreign language? Download the French tutor app for FREE

This App lets you:
- play games to learn phrases
- take written quizzes to see your progress
- listen to native french audio
- use the flashcards to brush up on your vocab

Well, there they are - I hope these Apps help with your resolutions, and have a happy 2012.


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