Saturday, December 31, 2011

Past Meets Future

Well, I have officially arrived and moved in to my apartment in New York City! Logistically speaking, it was both easy and incredibly difficult all at once. Expect an upcoming post about the joys of parking a 15-foot moving truck as close as possible to my building (in front of a fire hydrant...luckily no ticket!) and unloading everything on to the street while making it through a 2-key entry, and trying not to disturb too many people. Luckily, I have an amazing friend, Neil, who literally moved everything from the lobby to my apartment in a million different trips while I took the most traumatizing/nightmarish ride of my life with my father to turn in the moving truck at the deposit location nearly 40 blocks away. I don't think I'll soon recover from that journey...

But with great views, a wine shop (!!!) and an amazing, little Italian restaurant only a block away from my apartment, I am already loving this neighborhood. I'm looking forward to exploring my surroundings, but for tonight, it's New Years Eve and I'm headed to Brooklyn! Meanwhile, enjoy this photo I snapped while meandering around today. Isn't it a funny juxtaposition? A cathedral right next to that funny futuristic (yet dated at the same time...) building? Ohhh, New York, you are so strange and endearing. I love you already.

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  1. so good you're in ny and made it safe! even though the traumatic trip to bring the truck back doesnt sound good :( hope your new years eve was fabulous!

    LOVE your blog! am following you now :) check my blog out if you can