Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Printing Party

Wow. I had an incredible Friday night... And it started at 6:00 when Cate and I went to the Igloo Letterpress Holiday Printing Party. Kendall was there too, working, since she does her other internship at Igloo! I had never been inside Igloo before, so I was seriously mesmerized by what I found. Gorgeous, colorful, letterpress items coming (literally) out of the woodwork! Trays of movable type, tiny cubbyholes filled to the brim with envelopes and paper in every shade imaginable, and above all else, design inspiration. Everywhere.

A highlight was getting to meet and chat with Omar and Jen from These Are Things. You guys know I love them and their beauteous graphic maps because I've blogged about them here, here, here aaaaand here. Needless to say, I was excited to meet them, and score some free swag, but I about died from obscure-up-and-coming-blogger joy when they recognized me from Jenna Sais Quois! I hate getting designer starstruck, but These Are Things (And still Jeremy Slagle) invoke this feeling in me, and I can't really fight it. So I won't... But anyway, check out some images from the party that I pilfered from the Igloo and These Are Things facebook pages...including one of me with my new Ohio Letterpress Print. I am going to want lots of nods to my Ohio roots once I get to NYC, so I am beyond jazzed about this print. Plus, I even got to ink the press!

Images from here and here


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