Wednesday, December 14, 2011

iPad Letterpress

Spotted this on the ever-inspiring blog Harve & Polly yesterday! LetterMpress is an app for your iPad that simulates the experience of hand-setting type, selecting colors, locking, inking, and printing letterpress prints! You can even create multiple impressions. While I think the idea of using an iPad to kick it old school with letterpress is kind of ironic, I think this would be something I could spend hours playing with on a long subway commute... And it's also a really great educational tool for someone who didn't get the chance to try all of this stuff in design school like Chrissy (author of Harve & Polly) and I did!

The only sad part is that while the process is basically the same, there's still nothing like holding an actual printed piece! Running your fingers over the impressions, smelling the fresh paper and ink... Maybe I'm just romancing it, but there are some experiences that computers, tablets and smartphones can't quite recreate. What do you think?


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