Monday, December 19, 2011

New City, New Mood

I've been thinking about redecorating my bedroom all year long, but never really got around to it. I primarily focused on my living/dining area instead since, for the past year and few months, I've lived in my own place and had no immediate plans of doing anything crazy like moving to New York City... But now that life has changed, and plans have changed, I'm happily planning on investing some time really decorating my NYC bedroom. My goal is to keep it bright, but calm, and a little eclectic. Totally me. Of course, I needed to find a way to combine my living room pieces with my bedroom items, because now that I'm moving in with people who've already lived together for a year, a lot of their furniture and decor is mostly figured out. That makes this an ideal time to really overhaul my boudoir. So for your viewing pleasure, and with the hope that you'll give me some budget-friendly ideas, I've created a little mood board.

1  Mix and Match Lamps from World Market. Base: Martina Aged Mirror Table Lamp Base Shade: White Mulberry Paper Table Lamp Shade.
2 This ultra-cheap Room Essentials Leaf Comforter from Target is reversible, and super soft to the touch.
3  I have a ton of painted gold frames that I've picked up at Goodwill and garage sales. And a vanity mirror to match!
4  The hardwood floors in my new bedroom (the first one shown in this video tour) are just about this color. I think? Maybe just a bit more red.
5  I fell hard for this Silver Recycled Bangle Jewelry Box from Urban Outfitters.Very art deco.
6  This Room Essentials Bright Exploded Flower Rug from Target currently lives in my living room, but will be making the switch to my bedroom in NYC.
7  I'm planning on jazzing up my room with a good old-fashioned frame wall!
8  I'll never forget my old stompin' grounds with my Columbus Neighborhoods Map from These Are Things. Maybe I'll get a matching NYC map once the city really feels like home?
9  Concealed storage is the only way to go. Classic white boxes from Ikea will have a home in any place I ever live...
10  Not my exact dresser, but the same finish, Birch Veneer, from Ikea. I'll replace it eventually, I'm sure, but for now, it works just fine.
11  Just an idea, but I'm thinking about painting a subtle, thick stripe on my walls, or maybe even a chevron wall behind my bed...depending on how much smaller it may make the room look. We'll see when I get there!

So this is the direction I'm headed when it comes to nesting in my New York bedroom. What do you think? I wanted to go with something a little more adult for my actual bedding, but then use the bright colors in the rug to really make the space cheery and fun. We shall see how it all turns out, once I move into my permanent apartment in February! In the meantime, I'm sure I'll just keep compiling more ideas. Or be so busy exploring my new turf that I won't think of it at all!


  1. Glad to have found your lovely blog. Stopping by from MM. Excited to read more...newest foller!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Hello from Mingle Monday! I love your ideas for your bedroom. It's easy to neglect bedroom design for focusing on the more community areas. Good luck!