Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pop the cork

Hello! Chrissy from Harve & Polly here, and I am very excited to be guest posting on JSQ during Jenna's move the the Big Apple!

Well, its no secret that New Years Eve is around the corner, and while I may not be celebrating in Times Square, I will be drinking lots of Bubbly here in Boston!

Though Champagne is a New Years staple, its my favorite regardless of the season - so I hope these items inspire you to keep drinking those bubbles all through 2012.

01/ inside-out champagne glass $60.00  //  02/ dance on the table $22.00  //  03/ cork stool $199.00  //  04/ I would rather have champagne $29.00  //  05/ flute and bottle earrings $118.71  //  06/ antique smoke gray champagne flutes $65.00  //  07/ fun flutes $69.00  //  08/ french champagne rings $16.11


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