Friday, December 9, 2011

A Beautiful J. Crew Shoe

Have you guys met Mona? We're on a first-name basis apparently, but in case you're utterly confused, Mona happens to be a shoe from J. Crew that literally comes in every conceivable color and material under the sun. From glitter to suede, matte leather to patent leather, Mona can't be beat! It's a round-toe pump with a simple, elegant silhouette. Classic all the way. I'd conceivably like to own every single one, but at $238.00 dollars a pop, it doesn't look like Mona will be coming home with me anytime soon. However, this doesn't stop me from picking out, oh...just my 8 favorite pairs. My motto is, if you really love it (and also really rich) get one in every color.

1  Mona Patent Pumps in Warm Bisque
2  Mona Oxford Pumps
3  Mona Suede Pumps in Retro Lemon
4  Mona Glitter Pumps in Metallic Graphite
5  Mona Suede Pumps in Wild Berry
6  Mona Patent Pumps in Black
7  Mona Leather Pumps in Pale Peacock
8  Mona Patent Pumps in Poppy


  1. You can never go wrong with such a classic shoe, and totally agree with you, every time I get something I really really love I get it in two, or in two different colors, of course, if it's not too pricey ;)

  2. I agree, Gaby! Unfortunately I won't be buying the Mona in every color and material...But I can dream!