Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Power

After reading a very interesting Marie Claire article about what the flowers men give women really mean, I am left incredibly perplexed...The author, Rich Santos, lists different floral options and their alleged meanings followed by quippy or sarcastic descriptions of what your man is really thinking about you. Great idea in theory, but I really just don't think Rich Santos knows anything about it!

There is definitely some truth behind his theory that gifting red roses is both romantic and generic all in one neat package. I honestly think men (no offense, boys) have retained only a few theories about flowers in their lives, and the #1 is that red roses are always appropriate, if not preferred, on Valentine's Day. Every woman I know has gotten a dozen at some point in her life. They don't exactly tell you this guy really knows you, but he definitely knows enough about women to pick up a that's a step in the right direction, right? Maybe?

This brings me to the very first ever, and probably never to be repeated, Jenna Sais Quois Valentine's Day Flower Guide!

Peonies are my personal favorite flower, because they are pink, pretty, and big so you need less of them to make an impact.

Hydrangeas are another winner because they are a slightly more upscale, complex, and beautiful choice that says you know more about buying flowers than your girlfriend/wife/whoever ever thought.

Ranunculus are another exquisite flower because they are gorgeous, eccentric, and have many layers...probably like your girlfriend?

Dahlias are a flower that is so perfect, they almost can't be real. I don't know any other way to explain it other than if you show up with these flowers, she'll know that you did your research.

Peach Roses: Red ones have been done to death. Yellow might send the wrong message, if you buy into that sort of thing. But peach roses are soft, romantic, and subtle. They are the unsung hero of the Rose world, and my personal favorite type.

Finally, Daisies are a flower for a special kind of girl. She's unique, she's kind of hip, and she's probably someone who told you she didn't want flowers on Valentine's Day...But the secret is, nobody really opposes getting flowers in general. They just oppose getting cliched red roses, and/or the last minute grabs from the grocery store florist.

The expression "It's the thought that counts" means exactly as it reads. It's the thought. And yes, showing up with flowers in tow is always thoughtful, but a little extra thinking will go a long way this V-day. I promise.

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  1. Wow this is old.. But anyway do you know where you can b a peach rose bush? I have been looking for over a month and no luck :( I love peach roses! Please email me if you have any suggestions thanks!