Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So, I realize I've never posted any photographs of my first big-girl apartment yet, and I'm still a bit remiss to publish them now because it's not perfect! But I have been working pretty hard pairing the new items like the couch, chair, pillows, and rug with the pieces I've inherited such as the bookcase, end tables, and coffee table... Integrating the old with the semi-new in a way that coalesces properly is a major challenge. What do you guys think? Any free decorating advice you'd like to bestow on a newly crowned adult?

View of the living area from the table
Pillows: Half Garden Ridge cheapies, the other half World Market/Target/TJ Maxx

I like to be swaddled in pillows apparently...
My prints from Floyd & Mavis!

The area rug is from Target

The inherited IKEA bookshelf needs some attention...


  1. great use of color, they match your flags on your blog header. well done.

    try wallpapering the inside of your bookshelf a solid color. look at the thrift for fabric or liners.

  2. That is totally on my agenda. The bookshelf really needs some attention and once I find the perfect material for the backing, I am going to get going on it. I wanted to paint it as well, a la Design*Sponge Before/After, but it's a laminate thing from IKEA...