Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mad Style

I don't know how I never knew about it until now, but bloggers Tom & Lorenzo give fashion breakdowns of each character on Mad Men, paying special attention to Betty, Joan and Peggy from seasons 1-3, and then a breakdown of each episode in Season 4. I have been simply salivating over a closer look at Betty Draper's clothing... If you are a Mad Men fan, you need to check this out post haste.

In my opinion, Betty never looked better than in this moment.

Could any woman look more amazing at the Super Market?

This dress is childish and fabulous all at the same time.

Always playing the part of the perfect wife & hostess.

I especially die for Betty's equestrian looks.
Also, can I take a moment to say that Janie Bryant, costume designer for the show, published a lovely book on style, The Fashion File, that Eric got me for my birthday. I loved it, and the illustrations are adorable! Check it out on Amazon.

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  1. we're just on Season 2 now ...watching the dvd sets and I am LOVING her horse-riging gear. too fab.