Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PrismaColor Lust

My jaw hit the floor when I saw this wall display of beautiful PrismaColor Pencils. Since I was little and picking out crayolas during Back-to-School shopping every August, I've always wanted the pack with as many colors as possible. You need to have every available shade, tint and hue at your fingertips, because you never know which one will be just right.

My mom bought me the 132-pack of Prismas when I was about sixteen, and they've survived high school art classes, a 2-year stint as a fine art student, and then made it through design school. Now they sit collecting dust in the box on my desk. Something that beautiful should be hung on the wall for everyone to see...

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  1. I just bought a pack of Crayola coloured pencils yesterday!
    And I love them.
    A lot.