Monday, January 10, 2011

Wish List: New Towels

I have now technically been an "adult," whether or not I truly act like one, for four full months now. I have my own apartment, a real live full-time job, way too many clothes + an obscene amount of shoes, and now a smart phone glued to my hand so I can check my e-mails every 2.5 minutes. Basically, my point is, I want for nothing! The world is my oyster! All that. So call it materialistic if you will, but there are still several lovely items I have my eye on lately...these beautiful, gold towels from Anthropologie, for example.

{Photos from Anthropologie}

I would have to completely redecorate my entire bathroom to integrate these towels into circulation, but if I did end up purchasing them, I'd definitely find a way to do it.

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  1. that's my favorite color, next to avocado green.

    hey, what's your email? better yet. i need some resources.
    i downloaded illustrator and want some fab tutorial sites.
    can you send me a couple that go over some basics, vectoring, shapes, cool how-tos and the gigs that you learned. :)