Friday, April 22, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Eco-Mojito

This Earth Day twist on a Pineapple Mojito has a few things that set it apart from the standard! For one, it uses Prairie Organic Vodka, and no-sugar-added Fizzy Lizzy fruit juice, as well as fresh pineapple instead of the standard lime. By incorporating fresh fruit, and eliminating sugar, we kick this drink up a notch, health-wise. And we can show our appreciation for making sure to always recycle both bottles when we're finished! Taking care of ourselves, and the planet, is truly en vogue, especially today! Cheers!

Got an idea for a great cocktail recipe you'd like to see featured? Leave a comment below, and it might be next week's signature sip!

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  1. adorable. layout. also, mojitos are my all-time faves. This was a few days ago but still, Happy Friday~!