Friday, April 29, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Pimm's Cup

To round out the British theme and bring it to a close, I am featuring a cocktail that seems a bit to casual for the Royal Wedding, but is just right for an stateside anglophile like you or me! It's a super easy, delicious, and perfect for Spring and Summer. So here's a toast to Will & Kate and those Americans just crazy enough to stay up late/wake up early to watch this piece of history! I unfortunately missed it, but it's on the DVR at home, and that's just where I'm headed now...Cheers!

Next week, we may have a Mint Julep in our midst, but if you have a an idea for a great cocktail recipe, leave a comment below, and it might be featured here! To check out my other weekly Cocktail Hour posts, go here!


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