Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jackie and Caroline

Continuing with the theme of the Kennedys this week, I need to share a photo series I absolutely fell in love with yesterday by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. It was more than likely for an editorial piece, featuring the lovely Jackie Kennedy and her young daughter Caroline, probably only three years old at the time. They're sharing a few activities, Caroline acting as kind of a pint-sized version of her fabulously chic mother.

Photos via Pinterest

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  1. DRAT! i kept seeing the commercials and was totally wanting to watch it but then life got in the way and omg it began on Sunday???? noooooo, gonna check it out tonight and see if they will premier it again. i cannot believe how GK has pulled off JFK! the makeup artist on that set is stellar, it's not over done or anything and Miss Holmes well what a perfect Jackie.

    it's good to hear your reviews and see all that's inspired you from it. cheers lades. ♥