Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JSQ Lookbook: British Summer Chic

With Summer around the corner, what better than a cool, loose-fitting dress and airy accessories? And with the Royal Wedding this week, I thought I'd add a few Topshop accessories to express a little Anglophilia! This ensemble uses many of my favorite Summertime elements; straw, wood, cork, gold tones...just things to keep it light, bright, and natural. I  know July is months away, and I am enjoying Spring, but I am definitely looking forward to this look...

1 Straw Bow Cloche by Topshop
2  Cascade Trim Dress from Gap
3  Tribal Long Chain by Sequin
4  Tan Striped Holdall Bag from Topshop
5  Weinrib Bracelets from Aldo
6  Nuback Sahara Sandal from Madewell

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