Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JSQ Lookbook: Pretty Pastels

What better to counter a terribly cold, and rainy day than with some fresh, light pastels! This Anthropologie shift is so light and crisp, and I am in love with the color palette. The white dress with the pastel stripes works beautifully with bone accessories, plus I've been dying to include that necklace from Kate Spade in a post. So enjoy!

1  Shore House Shift from Anthropologie
2  Sunglasses by Paul Smith
3  Binocular Pendant by Kate Spade
4  Schissel Handbag from Aldo
5  Bullion Bands Sandals from Anthropologie

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  1. Jenna! I was thinking that you should do a moscow mule board in honor of Oprah's last episode. :)

  2. Leslie, you are a genius! That is a great cocktail suggestion. Done and done! See you here on Friday for a Moscow Mule recipe...