Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick Day

I am interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to let you all know that I am unfortunately in the midst of a sick day. It's Spring, and with the changing seasons, I always run into some allergy problems, but this is just bananas! I am a sneeze monster, rounding my way into my second box of tissues and it's only 10:30 in the morning. So...I will try to assemble another post for you today, but for now, I wanted to give you a peek at some items and products that get me through any sick day ready to take on tomorrow. Enjoy your health!

1  White Chenille Bathrobe: Everyone should own one of these. It's like being swaddled in a cloud. Perfect for a sick day, or just your run-of-the-mill shower.

2  Aromatherapy Bath Salts in Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath & Body Works: These are amazing, they smell wonderful, and they relieve stress, which is just an added bonus!

3  Blue Oil from Aveda: This teeny little roll-on product is magical. Put it on your temples and the back of your neck, and then in a minute or two, it feels cool, relaxing, and divine.

4  Puffs plus lotion with Vicks: I realize these aren't for everyone, but I personally love the smell of Vicks, and when you're congested, nothing works better for me!

5  Bowl of Cereal: I like Special K with a banana and 8th Continent light vanilla soymilk.

6  Moccasin Slippers from L.L.Bean: The most comfortable slippers ever made...worth every penny of their $49.95 price tag.


  1. This is awesome! Though I hate that you're not feeling well. Truthfully, every so often I like a sick (though not too sick) day just to have an excuse to slow down. :)

  2. I feel for you girl! I have terrible seasonal allergies myself. Claritin has saved my life since moving to atlanta. Consider a netti pot as well. Another lifesaver.

    Fell better!

  3. ooooh I am so sorry you are sick! Its kind of funny how different your sick list is from mine! I can tell you have a cold and not a sore throat! lol