Monday, June 20, 2011

Alabama, Arkansas...

I am HOME. When I say home I mean Ohio, Columbus, my job, my desk, my shiny iMac, the internet...and most importantly my blog. I am back from my trip to Rhode Island, where I spent the week volunteering my time at The Steel Yard, an amazing artists community for metalworking and all kinds of other amazing trades. I was truly touched by my work there, and it was saddening to see the huge poverty problem in Providence. But I know that through this organization, they are giving skills and a sense of confidence to the local kids through the camps and classes they offer. Anyhow, I am super excited to be back from Rhode Island, and my week of being sick, and New York City, and my mountain of freelance projects that's been accumulating. Well, those are still there, but I am going to dedicate much more time to Jenna Sais Quois starting TODAY.

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