Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm On a Boat

This restaurant was probably my favorite experience in the city, for the view alone! Sunday evening, after a failed attempt at getting tickets to an Upright Citizens Brigade show, we all decided to head toward the Hudson river to a seasonal restaurant/bar called Frying Pan. And when I said "toward the Hudson," I meant on it, because this is essentially a floating restaurant, built on a salvaged Lightship from 1929. The ship actually sank and spent 3 years at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay before being rescued. This boat has certainly lived a lot of life...

And now, it's dreams have come true. It's been turned into a floating burger joint where Manhattan's twenty-somethings go for delicious garlic fries, burgers, and buckets of Corona between the months of May and October. It's completely open-air, so it's operated on a seasonal basis. And if you can make it through the crowds and score a table on top of the barge, when the sun sets you get a 360 degree view of the city lights of New York and New Jersey. It was incredible. So if you're visiting NYC, please do check it out at Pier 66, at 26th street and the West Side Highway.

Photos clockwise from top left
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  1. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing! You got some really great pix, too!

  2. Thanks! Although, I must admit, I snagged almost all these pics off of Google Image search...Any photos of mine are from a cell phone, and not quite so nice...But I will take the compliment on my "art direction!"

  3. what a find, this place looks sensational and your trip sounds like it was the best time ever - yah! so want to try burgers on a boat, especially when a view like that's involved. mmm, hmmm! ♥