Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shape Up or Ship Out

I'm a modern girl with an affinity for all things mid-century. We know this about me by now, right? I may have a full-time job, but it doesn't mean my heart doesn't long for a time when I could have been a Donna Reed type housewife...I'm grateful that our sisters of the Womens' Liberation came before us, but you won't find me burning my bra anytime soon. And now that shapewear like Spanx or Skweez Couture are back and very much in demand, I have to ask myself, Isn't this just a girdle, but ugly? Clearly after the freedom of the seventies, eighties, nineties and aughts, the women of America aren't quite as stifled by the idea of squeezing into their underthings again. And while mid-century style girdles have found kind of a...fetish niche, I am wondering if beautiful, luxe, and sexy underwear that provides a bit more shape to the female body could ever make a comeback. Just a little something I've been thinking about...

Original Maidenform Advertising campaign


  1. Maybe Spanx are a sign of 21st laziness/want for immediate gratification? Don't want to eat right and exercise? Here's the retail solution!

  2. I see this and it just reminds me of Mad Men. Fabulous. But yes, it's jut a girdle though I don't think women of today see it as restrictive, lol. I can't imagine having something that tight around me. ick. I don't even like tight underwear.

  3. For all those skeptics out there you gotta try spanx skinny britches ...ugly as hell (i showed my bf, and he just sort of shook his head)...but i LOVE them....seriously, i put them on, then pulled one of the "when i'm 5lbs lighter and little more toned" articles of clothing out of my closet and when i looked at my back side in the mirror , the first thing i thought was "omg, this is the ass and highs i've been dreaming of!!!". (btw, i'm thin and work out regularly, but short of surgery, i still have my little areas that won't ever be perfect)

  4. Leslie, I agree. Although spanx are definitely a godsend when you're wearing an unforgiving fabric, hitting the gym wouldn't be a bad idea for me...

    Maegan, I know! That's what I like about them. I am hoping to someday design a line of shapewear that is reminiscent of 60's undergarments without all the boning and uncomfortable fabrics that made ladies resent their girdles so much. Shapewear CAN be sexy, and something you're proud to wear under your clothes!

    And anonymous- I will have to check them out! And believe me, nobody is perfect, so I'm glad you found shapewear that gets you as close as possible to your dream body!