Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet and Shower

Pardon my blatant 500 Days of Summer reference there...I just wanted to let the world know how enamored I am with this gorgeous shower curtain from Anthropologie. I kind of have a 1950s retro/clean look in my bathroom right now, but I am jealous of a person out there with a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub and a beautiful shower curtain just like this one...sigh. Also, I've been thinking a lot about doing a decorating overhaul on my apartment, since I've officially decided to resign my lease for another year...Any suggestions, tips or inspiration for a quick and cheap way to transform a rental?


  1. I love when the mundane is made beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous!!! One cool thing I saw lately was a girl who was not allowed to paint her apartment walls, so instead she stapled fabric to the walls. Sounds tacky, but I couldn't tell it apart from wallpaper until she showed me the cleverly hidden staples at the corners and wallseams. Excellent way to add texture and color to a room!