Saturday, December 12, 2015

#Blogmas Day 12: Pantone 2016 Color(s) of the Year

I know I'm not the only one who was a bit mystified at Pantone's announcement that they've selected not one but two colors for 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity! I personally have a soft spot for Rose Quartz (not that I'm very into crystals) but on a special vacation with my aunt quite a few years ago, during a time when I was going through a bit of a heartbreak, I first heard about the rose quartz and how it symbolizes unconditional love, peace, and comfort. Ironically, I find myself in a similar position today...and while Rose Quartz and Serenity are certainly not my favorite colors ever, I definitely aspire to the feelings of calmness they bring! While I know, with any setback in life, that I'll be fine if not better than ever after some time passes, I do know that makeup tends to act as a beautiful band-aid in the interim!

That being said, Sephora + Pantone Universe wasted no time in debuting their 2016 makeup line showcasing these two colors. From spot-on Rose Quartz and Serenity pastel lipsticks (not sure about these) to a palette of shadows and a line of lip glosses that I kind of love, we'll be able to step out in the pastels that will dominate 2016. How about you guys? Did you like the colors Pantone chose for 2016? Leave your thoughts on the comments below!


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