Thursday, December 17, 2015

#Blogmas Day 17: Kate Spade "All in Good Taste"

I can't even explain how much I need this book. I just...there's a deep history of how much I love Kate Spade on this blog. I basically worship at the temple of the religion of Kate Spade. And not just because of her gorgeous clothing, or her statement handbags. The real reason is because I find her attitude completely celebratory of all things womanhood! While she's obviously an incredible tastemaker, I also firmly believe she is truly in touch with the modern woman who might not be perfect, but isn't trying to be! Her life is one big party with champagne and glitter and bows on everything, and frankly I want to jump inside her world and never leave. So when I saw that this book "All in Good Taste" was coming out, I knew I had to have it. In fact, skip the Holiday wish list and I think I'll just celebrate my own womanhood and pick it up on my way home from the office!

I want to get lost in the art of assembling a vibrant guest list, trying new recipes, raising a toast to myself frankly. It's been a long year, and a very tumultuous month. But I can firmly say that I'm even more proud of the woman I am today than I've ever been. Cheers!


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