Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Green Cleaning Machine

I spent today sick in bed, for the most part...but I have a type of strange, nervous energy that always has to be doing some sort of work, so I also took the opportunity to deep-clean my apartment while watching Regis and Kelly  and Dr. Phil , and play stay-at-home-not-mom.

This seemed the perfect chance to test out some of the new Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products I stocked up on last time I took a trip to World Market. I've been a Meyer's-fan for quite some time, mostly because of the packaging (I mean, hello? The basil scent matches my blog rather perfectly...) but today I realized that not only do they look and smell terrific, but they get the job done! A personal favorite would have to be the Surface Scrub. As my Comet -obsessed best friend knows, I have been looking for a product that works just as well, but isn't full of chlorine bleach and a whole other cocktail of strange, scary chemicals. Mrs. Meyers, you've made a lifetime customer out of me!

Next up on my list of products to try? 
Countertop Spray
Surface Wipes
and Toilet Bowl Cleaner


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