Wednesday, November 30, 2011

L'Amour List: Rose

It's time again for another L'Amour List. This time I am thrilled to be featuring an Ohio State student, fantastic marketing intern, and all around lovely lady named Rose. I'm very excited, as is Rose, to show you a few of her favorite things. I hope you enjoy them!

1  Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea is her absolute favorite!
2  Rose love photorealistic paintings. Especially this one by Ralph Goings. It's also a dream of hers to be a "regular" somewhere, at a diner or breakfast place or something, which is why she loves this particular painting so much.
3  She loves art inspired outfits like this one on Polyvore. She loves black, white, and the gorgeous champagne color...not to mention this very poster is hanging in her room right now!
4  This dress from Modcloth is on Rose's wishlist! Red is her favorite color, and sheath dresses are her favorite silhouette for sure.
Pugs! They are her favorite dogs.
6  Dystopian Novels are Rose's favorite genre... She's not quite sure why, but she's read 1984 and Brave New World several times each!
7  Her go-to scent, especially in the winter months! It has a deep, rich, spicy scent that's perfect for holiday parties or spicing up an otherwise dreary winter day. Unfortunately she just ran out, so a new bottle is on her Christmas wish list!
8  Another great dress from Modcloth in Rose's second favorite color...(and MY favorite, obviously.) She loves how this color dresses up an otherwise conservative cut. She would pair it with a cropped jacket and red heels. Super cute!
Rose has been eyeing these vintage-looking earrings, also from Modcloth.
10  Last, but certainly not least, the Chipotle burrito! Her favorite food of all time...everyone at work knows this. She can't NOT mention Chipotle.

There you have it! Rose's L'Amour List. (I truly can not believe no one has ever mentioned Chipotle before in these...Can you??) To see other great L'Amour Lists, click here! And while you're clicking away, be a doll and follow me on Bloglovin'!


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