Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Love You, Mom!

Attention, Attention! Today is my amazing, creative, incredibly special mother, Susan Brucoli's BIRTHDAY! 

So, since she is constantly bugging me to teach her Adobe Illustrator, but I usually end up getting frustrated and wanting to bang my head up against a wall, I am presenting to her this coupon! (See Below) Because do you think she was frustrated when she was carrying me for 9 months? Probably. Do you think she wanted to bang her head up against the wall when she was experiencing labor pains in the wee small hours of the morning until I finally decided to make the earth my permanent locale? Definitely! But did she complain? NO WAY, (or at least not to my knowledge) because being a mom clearly teaches you a selflessness you never even knew you had before. And, Mom, you are easily the most selfless, wonderful, person on this planet and the best friend a gal could ask for. Thanks for being born today, and you know...for all that aforementioned labor stuff... I love you! 


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