Friday, November 4, 2011

Navy Nails

I know navy nails aren't exactly a new trend, but I don't really love dark nail colors for I've put off giving these a try until fall rolled around. I have to say, I am loving them! Russian Navy by OPI is my current favorite, because it's dark but with a really great shine. What do you think? Are navy nails your cup of tea?


  1. I completely agree that dark nail polish should be reserved for the colder months. Russian Navy is a great color.

  2. Thats a really great picture! I always have trouble making my nail polish look good in photos, it never lives up to reality.


  3. This is such a pretty alternative to black! I may have to stop by Sephora on my way home tonight :-)

  4. Did you buy that around Columbus?

    I've been on a hunt & haven't found it ...


  5. Megan, I got it at that beauty supply store at the Lennox, near that Johnny Rockets and Bath & Body Works...I want to say it's called "Beauty First" or something.

    They have it there, plus a whole bunch of other really good dark colors by OPI. I also really like "Midnight in Moscow." It's like a dark brown/maroon that looks almost black.